Telegram App: A Replacement to Whatsapp

By | February 12, 2014

telegram-vs-whatsapp--644x362The Telegram app by Telegram LLC has been categorized under Communication in Google Play store for Android devices. It is available on iOS platform too. Telegram is a messaging application with more focus on speed and security. Through this app, you can form group chats containing up to 200 members and connect with all. Also, one can share videos (up to 1 GB) and innumerable photos with the Telegram app. The most important advantage with this app is that all our chat conversations (the ordinary chats) are stored in cloud and so it is easily accessed from any Android devices. As this app focus on security, it gives option for end-to-end encryption on messages (secret chats) so that the chats are read only by the concerned authority. The encrypted chats are not stored on any servers and messages have self-destruct functionality so without any trace they are erased from both the involved devices.


 This app is a great innovation to help maintain privacy of your chats for secured chat communication. It has overcome a major flaw of Line, Whatsapp etc. and provided people with a great alternative with this security feature. Hence Telegram app has many advantages over Whatsapp and other messaging apps due to the ability to give secure transmission of files, messages etc. Telegram is a free communication messenger app which can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android devices.

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Speed and Reliability
Telegram app is indeed one of the fastest messenger apps. It is because of reason that it is able to deliver text quickly even with not so powerful internet connection on smartphone. Without any delays the recipients are able to receive messages, thus making this app very reliable communication app.

Controls, Display and Settings
As per usage, Telegram app is extremely intuitive, easy and user-friendly. The user interface is straight-forward and simple. As there are not many features available in the settings options (as compared to Whatsapp), but the limited options available are pretty useful and smart. The very important setting related to encryption of private messages will be done smoothly from the  profile page of recipient (with one intend to have a secret conversation). You can also personalize your conversations using many background themes, sound options and notifications. There is also option to activate animations from the settings option.

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4 thoughts on “Telegram App: A Replacement to Whatsapp

  1. Adu

    A user from india.
    Trying to convince Friends to use this.
    Personally love it but the major problem is whatsapp supports s40 nokia(asha 230/500/501/206)
    devices which are feature phones & telegram does have have that.
    Indian is a developing country & nokia is very famous & s40 based phones are cheap & people prefer them.
    Whatsapp & wechat and more recently line have their apps loaded on these low-end devices.
    Can you guys support nokia s40 ASHA 230 & Asha 500

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